Little Pick me ups


Stripy Shirt: I love how stripes are a thing now! I feel good in this, here I’ve teamed it with a high waisted skirt. Miss Selfridge is amazing for student discount too! It’s a win win.

Eye Shadow pallet: I was lucky enough to receive this for Valentines day, and would defintely recommend these colours for any eye colours. I’m a huge fan of all the naked pallets, and Gwen Stefani’s take on cosmetics has really stepped things up at my dressing table.

Earrings: I adore these cute earrings!  I ordered them from Selfridges.

Blossom top: this was one of them lucky sale finds where you see a £10 price tag, take it to the till and it comes up as £3. Quite possibly the best feeling ever. What’s more is that I got a 60p student discount (on top of that amazing sale price, YES, really!) and got this lovely little number down to £2.40. Bargain!


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