Designer Outlet Bargains


Today entailed a little trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet with my Mum and Sister! I described it as what I imagine to be a ‘mini NYC’ – not based on the discounted price tags, but because of how many big fashion brands and crowds of angry shoppers we were surrounded by!

**note- angry shoppers: a term I use to describe people who behave in an aggressive manner towards others when browsing and purchasing goods in shops. Anyone who uses their elbows, pushes through the stores and looks generally pissed off about the presence of other human beings.

First up was the Lindt shop – which was crazy busy with it being Easter Saturday! All the underprepared people, my Mum included, were panic buying Easter gifts for family. It was really cute to see all the Lindt bunny stuffed toys and rabbit ears lined up, and the pick and mix was out of this world! Truffles in all sorts of mouth watering flavours, some I never even knew existed. We bought a little selection to try and I couldn’t resist the adorable chocolate kittens, to me from me.

There were many stores we browsed including Calvin Klein, the UGG shop, Nike, Ralph Lauren and so many more. I splashed out on a pair of Jack Wills black sweatpants because sweatpants are a girl’s best friend, and black is always a good shout for drama school. Such a good investment because I only paid £26 for them, saving myself £13.50. They are nice and fitted – I never do baggy, because it doesn’t do my lower body’s curves any favours.

I also bought a coco coloured lipstick called ‘Perfect Bare’ by Elizabeth Arden for only £5.99 as well as a foundation compact with over 60% off. I’ve been looking for a brown lippy for ages and this one really fits the bill, from such a lovely brand too!

My sister Sophia was searching for a school bag, and I convinced her to step into the overcrowded world of Ted Baker – it was worth it, because despite the lack of oxygen in the shop, she found herself a lovely shoulder bag which will fit her files in snugly, for a fair price of £26.

Unfortunately, the trip came to a very British ending with us getting caught in torrential rain with no umbrella or waterproof coat. We ended up looking like drowned rats as we left for home. I’ve not included pictures of this for your own sake .

But anyway, a lovely place to visit if you happen to live in the North West, as long as you can find a way of coping with those pesky old angry shoppers! Happy Easter everyone, I hope the Easter bunny brings you many eggs of the chocolate variety x

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