The Petite Way of Life

I love being elf sized. It actually saves me a lot of money in the long run, and being little is part of who I am. I wouldn’t change my size for anything. Here are my tips for the teeny tiny folk among us:

Shop in the children’s range! 

New Look Generation is one of my favourites – I tend to go for age 11 up to age 15. It’s definitely a good idea to try things on before, but I am happy to admit that about 50% of my wardrobe are from the kids’ range. Being a size 3, this rule applies for shoes too. I have no shame!


Opt for weight training at the gym.

Generally speaking, petites are naturally slim.This doesn’t mean we can’t get a good figure though; the majority of my workouts lean towards weights at the gym. I love yoga and aerobics a couple of times a week to help me de-stress and build stamina, but weights help me to build muscle tone rather than lose weight. Thanks to my fabulous boyfriend, I have a hardcore gym program to work at.


Find a comfy pair of day to day heels.

During winter, this is a pair of brown lace up boots for me. During summer, I go for brown wedge heel sandals. I think brown is a nice neutral colour that goes with most of my outfits, and these shoes never let me sacrifice comfort. I have even survived festivals in these shoes, so they were definitely worth investing in. Although I’m comfortable with my height, it’s great to be able to feel a little more glamorous without the excuse of a night out.

Play up your waist.

If like me, you have a teeny waist to work with, use it to your advantage! I love high waisted jeans, cropped tops, waist clinching belts and printed leggings to show it off with.

Who needs rules?

Some fashion articles tell petite women to ‘avoid horizontal stripes’ and ‘steer clear of baggy trousers’ but you know what? It’s rubbish. Yes, OK, they do have some theory to it that it makes you look even shorter, but I think if you like what you see, don’t let some snobby article stop you! So often, people prove these rules wrong by looking amazing in something that theoretically they shouldn’t. So embrace your size and wear whatever takes your fancy. Fashion is freedom.


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