Spring Carnival Fashion

Spring has sprung! (Or so they say.) Yesterday treated me to a fabulous shopping trip to one of my favourite places in the world, Liverpool! Not only does it boast a huge selection of shops – from Armani to Primani – I just love the city for its people. Scousers are the warmest, friendliest people in the country and I could listen to the accent all day long. 


Anyway, my purchases yesterday geared towards a spring carnival theme which I was inspired from the Forever 21 label. Pastel ice cream sundae colours with a hint of retro gives this look so much personality. Think the ‘We go Together’ scene off Grease; that is the kind of free spirit fun that springs to mind when I envision this style, but with a fresh update for 2016.

Grease is the word!


So my main intention was to buy some of these shoes, and after shopping around in every shoe shop I actually found that Primark’s version were the most comfortable, prettiest style and cheapest price, coming in at a winning £8. #straightinmybasket

The anklet is probably one of my favourite finds, actually. It is so pretty and delicate and I love ankle jewellery, they are a clear sign of sunshine and outdoor fun. This one is particularly pretty –  I feel like a fairy that’s escaped from the enchanted forest! They came in a couple of other colours, red and white I believe, and cost me just £1.99 from a lovely little shop in Clayton Square I’ve never been in before called Quarters. Also from here I got some cute pearl earrings for 99p, which add that retro elegance to the look I’m going for this season.

Next up, my beauty buys! I replaced my Bare Mineral foundation compact which I will discuss in my next post, but my Spring Carnival purchases were a Barry M nail varnish in a delicious matte pink shade ‘Kiss Me Quick’, costing me £3.99 from Boots. From Superdrug, a Revolution purple lipstick caught my eye and when I saw it was only £1, the deal was sealed. I love lilac shades of lipgloss, so I thought it was time to stir things up a bit and try and this ‘scanalous shade’ – that’s actually what is said on the lippy itself, haha. I tried it on straight away and turns out, I think I get away with it! It makes my green eyes look brighter and whilst it is a little extreme for perhaps, a meal out with the family, I felt super edgy and hip walking through Liverpool with it.

My fashion buys were both from Forever 21, aka paradise.

Fun fact: My boyfriend calls it Forever 12 since the time I was asked for ID to watch a 12 at the cinema. To be fair, I had to give him credit for it, it’s pretty funny.

The pink knitted top came in at £13 and the dress £16, but I had to have them both. The sleeveless sweater looks yummy with denim shorts or leggings, which I pretty much live in. And the dress is a beautiful blue colour that is called ‘sea foam’ on the label. So I’m now going to call it my sea foam dress. The adjustable straps at the back mean I can change the length which adjusts how low it comes down at the front, giving me a number of different ways to adapt the form.

And finally, I got a pretty new bra from a brilliant sale in Ann Summers, £6 down from £28. I would definitely suggest you get yourself down there if you need new underwear – the sale is amazing! I topped it off with some cute socks-not-really-socks from Primark for £2.50.

One thing I regret not buying is this adorable little pom pom headband from Topshop. It seemed overpriced at £8.50, so I’m hoping it may come down in the sale one day.


And this brings us to the end of the Liverpool haul! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and maybe even been inspired to try elements of this style out yourself.

Thank you so much for visiting my page today, I am loving the blogging life and every response I get makes me so happy! Keep it coming!

Jess x


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