Petite Fashion Icons

I gain my fashion inspiration from these beautiful petites, who are wonderfully stylish each in their own beautiful way:

Eva Longoria – 5’1

Elegant, feminine and always glamorous, Eva oozes charm and beauty through her personal style. Her sculpted figure motivates me to keep at my workouts, and no matter whether she’s casual, working out or on the red carpet, her look is very polished but amazingly effortless. I love her character Gabrielle Solis in Desparate Housewives, and she wears some fabulous (and definitely very expensive) outfits in the role! Her hair and make up is also flawless and very classy. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same budget as her or her DH stylist, but this doesn’t stop me from incorporating her romantic sophistication into my wardrobe! I believe Miss Selfridge reflect elements of this style, particularly in their petite range; lace, frills, dots, feathers – girly with a sexy edge. Her make up is never too drastic and easily achievable with an everyday make up kit, and a cute pair of heels are always findable on the high street!


Vanessa Hudgens: 5’1

I first realized Vanessa (or Gabriella off High School Musical as she will always be known to me) was so damn stylish when I followed her instagram. She is renowned for her Boho Coachella looks, but I also love her smart casual attire and of course, her Hollywood glamour. She looks astonishing in cool shades of blue, grey and purple which perfectly compliments her dark hair. And as for dressing according to her frame, I think we can learn a lot from her – she plays up to her figure and rocks heels as well as flats, because she knows that being little is a blessing! I think she looks great with shorter hair, because smaller people tend to look good with bobs. A favourite of mine is the kimono she rocks, incorporating her Filipnio roots into the outfit with pride! Go follow her insta for great inspiration everyday.

Frankie Bridge: 5’2 

Frankie has this gorgeous London city chic style which I’m crazy about! She always look so smart, like she really means business, but also very sassy. I love how she always goes for a heeled boot, which enhances her lean legs and gives instant power to the outfit. Colour wise, she makes bold choices which really pay off, but knows how to work the neutrals now and then. I think her signature piece is the baggy blazer which she so casually throws to add another dimension of street style to her outfit.

I fell in love with her famous hairstyle and decided to go for it one day. I needed something to make me look more grown up, and the hairdresser assured me that having such petite facial features would thank me for it. My Gran loved how it brought out my ‘elf like features.'(She did honestly say this hahah) Plus I was forever being told I looked like her, which of course I took as a HUGE compliment!

I then rocked this look in blonde the following summer:

So Frankie is definitely the reason I took the plunge to short hair, and I’m so glad I did! I get so many compliments that short hair suits my little frame and face, and I think it really shows my style.

Lady Gaga: 5’1

Not only is Lady Gaga a style icon of mine, I also really aspire to her drive and intelligence. She is such an incredible woman and I admire her so much. Yes, she does portray fashion in an extreme way, but my God, there is so much more behind her artistic choices than ‘attention seeking’ as some basic bitches say. As a great fan of her work, I really appreciate the concept of her music and understand how fashion plays such a key part of her artistic persona.  She has covered so many looks, turned so many heads and got so many people talking. And you know what? In every single statement she makes, she looks fantastic. She has proved that she can be so many things; majestic, sexy, scandalous, simplistic, magical, name it! I really look up to her as an artist, fashion icon, as well as a human being.

Sheridan Smith: 5’2

Again, Sheridan Smith is a woman who I really admire; as an aspiring actress, she is a great inspiration to me. I believe she is one of the most versatile actresses on the planet, and her performances never fail to amaze me. I loved her cute retro looks as Mrs Biggs and Cilla, and she made a perfectly girly Elle in Legally Blonde. Not only is her acting talent wonderfully flexible, but her look is adaptable too! Even as a chav in Gavin and Stacey, she found a way to own the style and make it look authentic. Her red carpet fashion choices are stunningly hot too. If I could be even a fraction as successful as she is, I’d be insanely happy…come at me, drama school!

Emma Watson: 5’4

Another actress I have a lot of respect for, Emma makes it onto my petite fashion icons list. She has this English grace that compliments her style so beautifully, but she never compromises sass. Her looks can often be simplistic, with just an ounce of detail which perfectly brings the outfit together. She looks wonderful in the whites and neutral pallets she works with, and manages to bring out her inner glow with everything she wears. I loved the pixie hairstyle she rocked, and admire her courage to spice her classic elegance up with a short style.


Bravo ladies! I hope you enjoyed reading about my style icons of the petite assortment. Who do you look up to? Let me know in the comments below! X


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