Lucky Poodle


For someone who despises technology like I do, getting the latest iPhone isn’t usually a big deal. But the Rose Gold SE is so cute I just had to! My boyfriend persuaded me to upgrade my 5C to an SE because of my love of all things little. Is it bad that the colour is what really convinced me to go for it? The rose gold is so pretty and gorgeous, I just sit here admiring it all day long.

I’m just getting used to the touch ID which makes unlocking my phone and paying with apple pay a whole lot quicker. The camera quality is awesome, and I love playing with the live photos, front camera flash and multiple photo bursts. Also having a 64GB compared to my old 8GB is such a treat! I can download so many apps I’ve always wanted to try out, including Photoshop, Pacifia, and what’s more , it comes free with great apps like Garage Band, iMovie and many others. The cheapest way we found it was through 02; I bought a contract with them and paid it all off the next day, which worked out Β£60 cheaper than Apple’s full price. I am a sucker for small phones, so having the brain of an iPhone 6 in this handy, beautiful handset suits me perfectly. I love it!

Just to keep the ball rolling, my boyfriend bought me some *rip off* Chanel earrings for a fiver from AX Paris outlet store at the Lowry Shopping Centre. Still, on a night out no one will be able to tell they’re not real! #keepingitclassy


He also bought me this lovely Hollister olive green top, which actually matches my eye colour pretty well. I love the neckline and the fit – nothing too fancy, just an understated top that can be dressed up or dressed down accordingly. If I remember correctly this came in at Β£19, full priced.

Let me know what you think of my recent purchases! Thanks for reading. x


4 thoughts on “Lucky Poodle

  1. Hey! I just nominated you for a Leibster Award! This award is for up and coming bloggers who have under 500 followers! I think that you are making a fantastic start and you should definitely keep it up! Check out my blog and my most recent post for my nomination post and rules and questions you need to follow!

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