My All Time Essentials

Hello there! I hope everyone has had a great week! I’ve been back at it with the drama school life this week, plus 6am gym sessions every it’s been a very busy one for me. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite items that keep me feeling fresh when life starts getting hectic! I love finding stuff you use everyday but never stop loving, and these things all contribute a lot to my everyday fashion statements.

Soap & Glory Collection:


Doesn’t test on animals √

Smells amazing 

Makes my room display look pretty 

Soap & Glory products are an all time winner! Luckily, lots of relatives and friends know S&G gift  sets never fail, so I have quite a good stash. These are the only body products in my opinion that you can actually still smell hours after they have been applied. My bedsheets and clothes even smell of the yummy scent, and when people go in for a hug they often compliment the smell. There’s nothing quite like being told you smell nice! Everything does the job – body butters keep my skin smooth, exfoliators scrub away dead skin, foot cream makes for the perfect pedicure, ect. S&G is the shit.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette:


I use this pallette literally everyday. It brings prettiness and wearable glamour into neutral based colours. For my green eyes, the golden and peachy tones really sets my eyes alight; but I think any colour eyes would thank you for using this assortment. It goes from daytime to nighttime real quick, with sparkly and darker option for a sexy smoky look. Mine also came with a little mascara and tutorial for eye shapes which was handy. Although it costs a hefty sum at £38, I have definitely got my money’s worth with this treasure. Smashbox currently have an offer of £5 at the moment too, which you can check out on the product listing here-

Lipstick Loves :

Laura Mercier Pink Royale Lip Velvet is my favourite option for a quick red lip. The ruby shade is warm and compliments my complexion, and I love the texture of this high end gloss. Red lips are so much fun to spice up a casual outfit, and this gloss helps me make it look effortless.

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Roserie is the one lipstick I am obsessed with! I have already gone through 2 of these because they are so cheap, I feel no guilt wearing it all the time! I love a pale lip, and this shade is where lilac meets rose pink. I love to team it with a dusting of bronzer and gold eyelids for a sunkissed, girly, glowing look.

Benefit Ultra Plush Ligloss in Kiss You is also perfect for lilacy lips. Whilst Seventeen’s lipstick gives more of a balm appearance texture and appearance, this is a smooth lipgloss. I love them both, and get so much use out of them.

My Favourite Brown Jacket!


I adore this H&M jacket. It has lasted me years and years, and I only paid about £25 for it. This style has never gone out of fashion and I don’t think it ever will! Plus brown goes with pretty much everything to it’s easy to slip on over all my outfits. This is my one true investment if ever there was one.

Bare Minerals Compact Power Foundation


I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals. I  remember how shocked I was when the counter assistant applied it to my face – it covered all my acne but felt so lightweight! My skin has healed remarkably since converting to this foundation, and I never get the struggle of de-oxygenating foundation making my face look orange. Although I go for a heavier liquid foundation for night time looks, Bare Minerals is perfect for my day to day lifestyle. Weight training, dance class, yoga and drama school are no match for this product! I can get as sweaty as I like without having to worry about ruining my skin or my flawless finish.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium


This perfume is DELICIOUS. Sexy, sophisticated and sweet all at once. I just want to inhale the whole bottle. Definitely my favourite perfume at this moment.

And there we have it – my go to items for easy, effortless, everyday glamour! I am so grateful that they all exist. Have you tried any of these? What are your go-to products? Comment below!

Thanks for reading everyone! ♥♥


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