Jessica’s Jewellery Box


Hello all! Hope everyone is having an awesome week. I’ve been getting terrible hay fever which makes my eyes all red and itchy and I sneeze like 20 times a day – damn tree pollen!

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the wonders of my jewellery box. For me, jewellery is one of the best gifts someone could get me. I can wear it and enjoy it’s beauty all day long, plus every time I look at it I will be reminded of them.

My watch weakness is for my Olivia Burton in Rose Gold. This colour does something to me! It matches my iPhone too. I wear it pretty much everyday, although sometimes stupidly forget to take it off for the bath or shower until I glance down and have a mini heart attack when I see it’s still on..oops. Having followed the instagram page, I drool over all the other patterns and styles they have available. I’d love one for everyday of the week! Explore their range here :www.oliviaburton.comΒ 

I have so much love for my Pandora snowflake ring! It never leaves my finger. It cost Β£40, but its simply so beautiful. It was launched in their winter range, but I will definitely be wearing this all year round.

Next up is the Tiffany necklace. Yep, real Tiffany! Even being the lowest priced item in the store, it still came in at Β£100. But it’s SO PRETTY! It is very small and delicate but then again, so am I. There are two heart charms – the one in front is the original tiffany pendant and the one behind is a pink pendant charm. The necklace itself is so elegant and timeless.

I’m not a fan of over-doing body jewellery, but I’ve never regretted getting my bellybutton pierced! I tend to leave this plain blue stud in, because I lead a rather active lifestyle and wouldn’t want to risk getting it caught on something because ew ew ew imagine how painful and gross that would be! Getting it done hurt a teeny bit but it was so worth it. It motivates me to do my crunches and sit ups at the gym so that I can look forward to showing it off.

And here is my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet – I am a little behind on charm collecting because I struggle to decide which one I want next, there is so much choice! I love the traditional charm bracelet style and it has always appealed to me more than owning a Pandora bracelet. My charms are the unicorn, the pig, the J, the drama masks, the angel wings and the peace sign. I think that sums me up pretty well. I just love how personal charm bracelets are!


What are your favourite pieces of jewellery? I would love to hear! I’m always on the lookout for birthday gift ideas..heehee. Take care & thanks for reading. x o



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