Keep it Surreal

Happy Saturday my friends! This weekend is very special to me because I am back at home from drama school for a little visit. It’s lovely to be back…making up for lost time with the family and of course, Barney!


I’ve been losing faith in mainstream fashion lately. Do you ever go out and just wanna scream because people seem to all be wearing the same thing in ridiculously tiny variations? The stores have been going through a phase of lacking choice and individuality, in my opinion. However, I think high street fashion has finally had a breakthrough! Or maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong places. But I am finally finding some gorgeous cute petite summery stuff that keeps my wardrobe nice and surreal. #keepitsurreal

  Look 1: Historic meets chic

Top: M&S Limited Edition, £7.75

I teamed this with a plain top underneath and some high waisted shorts, all from Primark.

img_5398  Look 2: Playful Pinafore & Kitty Flower Ears

Floral Cat ears: Accessorize, £8 (minus student discount)

The pinafore, blouse, sunglasses, bag and ballet flats are all Primark old season stuff. I’m a big Primark fan!

Look 3: Summer Sporty

Top: Zara, £4.99

Sunglasses: Accessorize, £12 (minus student discount)

Shorts are ALSO from Primark, bought a while back but may still be available.

My taste in style is so girly, but kind of borders onto fantasy fashion too – although I always share what I feel is wearable everyday. I got a few compliments for the cat ears, and yes they are a little bit quirky but that is what makes them fun! People walk round wearing floppy sunhats and big earrings so my flowery cat ears are perfectly acceptable in my opinion. Not that I really care what others think anyway. Fashion is freedom, and we should never forget that!

On that note, I bid you goodbye. Thanks for reading x




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