Tourist at Heart 

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous shot of sightseeing in the big city?! I was in desperate need of a break from drama school stress here in Southend so Milad and I ran off the London for some shopping and exploring again. In just one day we covered Covent Garden, Hyde Park, Harrods, Oxford Street and Regent Street! Of course, we re-energized ourself with a stop at Wagamamas, Venchi ice creams and another one later at Lola’s cupcakes. (A girl has to eat..) Here are some snaps from our exhausting adventure:





It was a fun day out! Everyone seems to gasp in shock when I tell them I’ve never been to Covent Garden or Harrods before, so it’s a good thing I finally caught up in London life experience. Covent Garden was quaint and cute – the markets were lovely and unique and I found a beautiful shop called Sass & Belle which I am now OBSESSED with. Maybe I have  been living under a rock to have never discovered them before, but if you are eqaully as unknowing as I was go check them out!

I could have blown my whole student loan here, but I managed to restrain myself to getting this bear shaped blackboard, which was £7.50 minus a lovely little 10% student discount. Hope you appreciate my inspirational quote that I decided to write upon it #bearymotivational


From the markets, I got these stunning Swarovski crystal earrings for a fiver. Cheap and cheerful is the only way for me now when it comes to earrings, since I lost my precious Marc Jacobs pair on a night out.


From Forever 21, I went for this ruby red floaty top which didn’t break the bank at £9.

I was dying to buy a cuddly toy in Harrods but then I rememebered that I’m 18 and I need to get a life. However, luckily for me, Milad bought a Clinique perfume which got me the free gift they have on offer at the moment! He got himself the black aromatics scent (which is gorgeous btw) and in my make up case I got a facial scrub, moisturizer, make up remover, night cream, mascara and a chubby stick in a delicious pink shade called whoppin’ watermelon. I have tried and tested these products in the past and they go down a treat with me. I love the make up bag with bright coloured stripes on – it’s so summery and fresh! I think that all department stores selling Clinique have various offers for this goodie bag so check them out, as it’s a nice little selection of gifts – especially if you got them for free like I did…mwahah.


So there we have my little bank holiday adventures! Let me know where else I should be heading for in London – markets, cute boutiques, shopping malls – and if they are reasonably priced that will make me really happy. Share the shopping love. Hope you enjoyed this post, and please accept my apology for the delay in posting – life is getting really busy at East 15 and I have been swamped with lines to learn, songs to sing and all that jazz. Anyway, thanks for reading, take care and keep the comments and opinions coming! X


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