Midsummer Bargains

One of the 10 commandments of going shopping includes making an effort to look nice. If I don’t feel good about what I’m wearing, I won’t feel inspired to shop. So here is the outfit for my trip to Chester city!img_5928

I borrowed this funky mustard cropped tee from my sister, but I believe she bought it from Topshop a year or so ago. I teamed this with plain black leggings and black flat converse, which are the flour and eggs of my wardrobe…if each item was an ingredient, these would be the essential basics! I kept the accessories simple with my Tiffany locket and belly bar.

I fancied making a statement with big hair, so I curled it and gave it a good shake under the hairdryer. My eye makeup look was created by this gorgeous Jet Set Benefit box, which I adore.

The first top I bought was from my trusty best friend Zara. This struck me as a really unique find; the style and tailoring feels so elegant and high end.

One shouldered tops are hard to come by in high street stores – they give a dressy vibe off that adds a formality to the outfit. The white frill is so pretty and contrasts beautifully with the navy bodice. This is the perfect petite find for a smaller frame because it shows off my collar bones and a little bit of waist, but in a way that is perfectly elegant and sophisticated. This is such a brilliant find! And it cost me only £9.99, so get yourself to the Zara sale ASAP!

Perfect for afternoon tea in Llandudno today!

My next purchase is this hot little dress from H&M. Another great bargain at only £7, and I can never really have enough of these bright coloured fitted dresses, which are perfect for nights out and parties.

I then picked up these shorts from Primark which were down to 3 quid, yes, 3 QUID. That is like the same price as a sandwich. They are stretchy and super comfortable, and not too short either.

And finally, my early birthday present from my mum! I have been after this for AGES.

Ta dah! Meet the Ted Baker dressing gown! I’ve been watching tonnes of Desparate Housewives lately, and all the housewives own these gorgeous dressing gowns. They made me ashamed of my white fuzzy thing that my dog likes to chew up. Ted Baker is a classic favourite for me, and Debenhams have some gorgeous nightwear and lingerie in stock from the B Ted Baker collection. Definitely worth a peek. I love this particular piece because it has a soft texture, and is delicately trimmed with lace and silk. It was priced at £34, but after my other bargains I think this is the sort of item it is wise to splash out on. Definitely not going to let the dog get his teeth into this!



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