Summer Sorbet

First thing’s first..I have some big news. I got a full fringe chopped in! I fancied a change and I figured summer was the time to explore and experiment with new looks. So happy I went for it, I can’t imagine myself without it now.

Summer is in full swing, and I LOVE IT. You know what I also love? This camisole I bought in the New Look sale the other day for just a fiver! It’s floaty and graceful, and has a lovely neckline. Plus the colour reminds me of a delicious peach and apricot sorbet, hence the juicy title.

As warm weather fades into hot weather, it becomes time to turn the colours up. Sunny days are made even brighter and made more memorable by vivid shades in your outfit.


The great thing about this colour palette is it can be teamed with pretty much anything. Match it with black to look classy and sophisticated, denim to look playful and edgy, acid brights if you’re daring and fun or white to feel girly and cute. I went for option 1 – black tights and shorts and my KGs. I teamed it with a red lip too, which gave it a bit more pop! You’d think it would clash, but this shade of red leans towards pink which meant the lippy complimentedΒ my top scrumptiously.


  • excuse the goofy fairy lights and funky room decor. I just moved house..

My hair is plaited and gripped to the back of my head, which softens my look up and keeps the birds nest from getting out of control :))The gold ring at the back of the garment has inspired me to accessorize this top with some more gold costume jewellery, which is something I don’t own much of.

Oxford Street, here I come!

Hey, you know you’ve got something right when your frappucino compliments your outfit..



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