Being little is a blessing. And fashion lets you embrace this!

I’m Jess, a (just a little over) five foot 19 year old drama student at East 15. Besides being on stage, I have always loved fashion and writing, so I figured I could merge the two together as a little hobby and see where it takes me. I am a born bargain hunter and always sniff out the best prices for pretty clothes and make up.

Having dressed according to my size all my life, I want to share my tips with all the other little ones out there. The fact that us petites have our own section of the shops named after our body types means that we are special, and deserve to be well dressed too.

So join me in my fashion blog where I will be exploring all things fashion. I think my sense of style is kind of individual and I am inspired by so many people, places and objects. I would love to inspire others with what I wear and keep the cycle going, because that is how fashion works!

I’m also a beauty and make up ADDICT. I work at Boots as a beauty and fragrance advisor, which is the best job ever, and I pick up loads of great tips. I will be sharing some beauty themed posts to compliment the fashion theme, as well as lifestyle tips as we go along.

Happy reading x



A Few Cheeky Facts About Me

  • I love a bit of yoga
  • Coffee is l i f e
  • I train at East 15 School of Acting on a degree called World Performance, where I have full time classes in all sorts of elements of performance, inspired by so many countries and cultures.
  • I sing all the time! Love a bit of musical theatre!
  • Vegetarian & proud
  • I was born in Chester, a beautiful city in the North West.
  • Although I love cooking, I always tend to make very silly mistakes. Like forgetting to turn the oven on and wondering why my food isn’t cooked an hour later.
  • I managed to get sponsorship for an independent school of performing arts called The Hammond at the age of 16. I realized that if you really want something, there will be a way of getting it if you work hard enough.
  • Chickens freak me out
  • I am embarrassingly clumsy!
  • Half the time I live in Wales, the other half I live in Essex. Kind of like Gavin and Stacey rolled into one.


.                         Chester^                                                      Southend-on-Sea^