Autumn Days


It’s most wonderful time of the year…… or is that Christmas? You decide. But I know a few things that are definitely wonderful this season! Pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks, cosy knits and cardigans, smart trench coats, lovely layers and crunching leaves under your boots as you walk down the street. And did I mention halloween?! Carving pumpkins and dressing up to go to wild parties with your pals, yes please.  Autumn sees all my favourite trends creeping back in – brown, orange, earthy green, spicy copper and cinnamon hues with flashes of leopard print here and a splash of tartan there. Doesn’t it make your heart sing?


A little glimpse of my delicious pumpkin loaf cake, gluten free might I add…


One of my favourite things about colder weather is the excuse it gives you have soak in a hot bath a couple of times a week. And what better way to relax and unwind than Lush’s autumn themed bath bombs?!


My top picks include the pumpkin, sparkly pumpkin and autumn leaf. Get yours here.

img_0075img_0074Fall also marks a very important era for those of us at uni – FRESHERS! ~I shall be writing a blog post about my outfit choices very shortly so keep your eyes peeled ~ it’s vital that you relax and unwind during the week so that you have enough steam to party all night every night!!

I can’t wait for the beautiful fashions of this season to emerge – summer has been lovely, but it’s now time for the October vibes. I will keep you guys updated with my outfits and beauty tricks for the upcoming season, so stay tuned!

Jess. X

Barbie goes Petite

Yes, that’s right, they have released a petite sized collection of Barbie dolls to represent the little ladies of the population! Having been a huge Barbie fan when I was younger, this struck me as amazing news. Finally, a way of teaching the younger generation to appreciate the variety of the human form! And I love the idea that you can now match yourself to your Barbie mini me…or your mum’s, or your friend’s or your sister’s! I found mine…






Her fellow petite squad include these lovely dollies, each fashionably dressed to their size and accessorised impeccably:


Mattel released a number of variations to the classic Barbie doll earlier this year, including tall, curvy and black Barbie. I think this is a wonderful step forward and helps children to begin the journey of embracing diversity from a young age. Let’s hope that other companies pick up on this, so that the younger generation can live in a world where all bodies are appreciated and we are encouraged to love ourselves.

This is definitely a win in the petite fashion world. I shall be taking fashion tips off these trendy ladies for sure!

The Cosmetic Kit

Happy September everyone! Now is the perfect time to capture your summer shine whilst we slowly kiss the sunshine goodbye. Last month I took a little trip to the beatiful island of Jersey, where make up shopping is a dream. The department stores over there offer all the high end cosmetics with a tax free price tag! Needless to say I took advanatage of this, and purchased a Bobbi Brown powder compact, which I will fill you in on.

First thing’s first though, let me walk you through my fail-proof base essentials. I usually bang on about how obsessed I am with Bare Minerals powder foundation, but it is also nice to have another option. This is where my favourite high street brand comes in – Revelon. Allow me to introduce you to the colourstay foundation and her little sister, photoready concealer. Along with these, we have the fantastic rose glow shimmer palette.

I’ve always loved Revelon because it gives you a sense of luxury with an affordable price tag. The quality is really good and I find that their shades and colour palettes are always accomadating to those of us with a paler complexion. The photoready concealer comes in a stick and blends easily to cover up blemishes and under eye circles in a flash. I opt for shade 002, which perfectly compliments their foundation. Revelon Colourstay works wonders for me when applied with a sponge. It is targeted for dry skin, so it keeps my face well hydrated throughout the day. It also protects your skin from the damage of the deadly sun rays, with an SPF of 15 – winner! This makes for a flawless base which will survive day and night. Jn terms of its finish, I find that it gives a subtle, radiant glow. This is perfect for me because on oily days I can matte it out with pressed powder (right) or I can enhance the dewy finish by mixing it with some coconut oil and dusting with my Bobbi Brown nude powder. (Left)

The rose glow jumped out and yelled buy me off its shelf in Boots because it looks just like a replicate of Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick.  Cheeky!

imageNevertheless, I have been after one of these for ages, and when funds are getting a little low, I see no reason why not to give it a try! I like the pinky blend this gives you on your brush, and it is easy to sweep over your cheeks to give a girly flush and a sparkly highlight to your bone structure.

Now let me enlighten you with the real Bobbi Brown compact I splashed out on in Jersey! I had a great time exploring the capital St Helier – I couldn’t resist stopping off at the BB counter and getting a make over before hitting the beach. This was where I fell in love with this beautiful illumination powder.

There are many shades available, but I went for the nude finish to seal the shine in my skin. By gently rolling your brush over all of the blocks, you get a combination of each shade to blend into your base using circular motions. It definitely adds a pretty, youthful glow and was just the thing my make up bag was missing! A perfect purchase to bring back from my little adventure in Jersey. Go ahead and enjoy a groovy moment from my snapchat story.


No make up kit would be complete without a liquid eyeliner, and I always opt for the pen type. I formerly owned the Soap and Glory Cat Eyes, but whilst I was in Covent garden I decided it was time for an upgrade. I went for the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick pen.

The precision you get with this pen is AMAZING. As expected, it takes about 5 seconds to dry before you can release your eyelid but once applied and dried, you are good to go! It stays on pretty well and the thin tip means you have complete control over the thickness and shape of your flick. Great for a daytime natural liner look or marvellous for building up into a dramatic evening look.

So, what does it come down to?


I have decided to give my readers a hardcore insight to these featured products by rating them out of 5. I will also list where to buy from and how much each one costs.


Durability: 4/5

Colour match: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Buy for £12.99 from Boots  here.


Durability: 4/5

Colour match: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Buy for £6.99 from Boots here


Easy to use: 4/5

Contour effective: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Buy for £9.99 from Boots here.


Durability: 5/5

Glow effective: 5/5

Value for money: 4 and a half/5

Buy for £39 from Debenhams here.


Durability: 4/5

Precision: 5/5

Value for money: 4 and a half/5

Buy for £22 in Panther Black here.


And that’s a wrap for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope my reviews have been helpful. Let me know what you think of my post by liking, commenting and following. Have a beauty filled week. X


Summer Sorbet

First thing’s first..I have some big news. I got a full fringe chopped in! I fancied a change and I figured summer was the time to explore and experiment with new looks. So happy I went for it, I can’t imagine myself without it now.

Summer is in full swing, and I LOVE IT. You know what I also love? This camisole I bought in the New Look sale the other day for just a fiver! It’s floaty and graceful, and has a lovely neckline. Plus the colour reminds me of a delicious peach and apricot sorbet, hence the juicy title.

As warm weather fades into hot weather, it becomes time to turn the colours up. Sunny days are made even brighter and made more memorable by vivid shades in your outfit.


The great thing about this colour palette is it can be teamed with pretty much anything. Match it with black to look classy and sophisticated, denim to look playful and edgy, acid brights if you’re daring and fun or white to feel girly and cute. I went for option 1 – black tights and shorts and my KGs. I teamed it with a red lip too, which gave it a bit more pop! You’d think it would clash, but this shade of red leans towards pink which meant the lippy complimented my top scrumptiously.


  • excuse the goofy fairy lights and funky room decor. I just moved house..

My hair is plaited and gripped to the back of my head, which softens my look up and keeps the birds nest from getting out of control :))The gold ring at the back of the garment has inspired me to accessorize this top with some more gold costume jewellery, which is something I don’t own much of.

Oxford Street, here I come!

Hey, you know you’ve got something right when your frappucino compliments your outfit..


Midsummer Bargains

One of the 10 commandments of going shopping includes making an effort to look nice. If I don’t feel good about what I’m wearing, I won’t feel inspired to shop. So here is the outfit for my trip to Chester city!img_5928

I borrowed this funky mustard cropped tee from my sister, but I believe she bought it from Topshop a year or so ago. I teamed this with plain black leggings and black flat converse, which are the flour and eggs of my wardrobe…if each item was an ingredient, these would be the essential basics! I kept the accessories simple with my Tiffany locket and belly bar.

I fancied making a statement with big hair, so I curled it and gave it a good shake under the hairdryer. My eye makeup look was created by this gorgeous Jet Set Benefit box, which I adore.

The first top I bought was from my trusty best friend Zara. This struck me as a really unique find; the style and tailoring feels so elegant and high end.

One shouldered tops are hard to come by in high street stores – they give a dressy vibe off that adds a formality to the outfit. The white frill is so pretty and contrasts beautifully with the navy bodice. This is the perfect petite find for a smaller frame because it shows off my collar bones and a little bit of waist, but in a way that is perfectly elegant and sophisticated. This is such a brilliant find! And it cost me only £9.99, so get yourself to the Zara sale ASAP!

Perfect for afternoon tea in Llandudno today!

My next purchase is this hot little dress from H&M. Another great bargain at only £7, and I can never really have enough of these bright coloured fitted dresses, which are perfect for nights out and parties.

I then picked up these shorts from Primark which were down to 3 quid, yes, 3 QUID. That is like the same price as a sandwich. They are stretchy and super comfortable, and not too short either.

And finally, my early birthday present from my mum! I have been after this for AGES.

Ta dah! Meet the Ted Baker dressing gown! I’ve been watching tonnes of Desparate Housewives lately, and all the housewives own these gorgeous dressing gowns. They made me ashamed of my white fuzzy thing that my dog likes to chew up. Ted Baker is a classic favourite for me, and Debenhams have some gorgeous nightwear and lingerie in stock from the B Ted Baker collection. Definitely worth a peek. I love this particular piece because it has a soft texture, and is delicately trimmed with lace and silk. It was priced at £34, but after my other bargains I think this is the sort of item it is wise to splash out on. Definitely not going to let the dog get his teeth into this!


Tourist at Heart 

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous shot of sightseeing in the big city?! I was in desperate need of a break from drama school stress here in Southend so Milad and I ran off the London for some shopping and exploring again. In just one day we covered Covent Garden, Hyde Park, Harrods, Oxford Street and Regent Street! Of course, we re-energized ourself with a stop at Wagamamas, Venchi ice creams and another one later at Lola’s cupcakes. (A girl has to eat..) Here are some snaps from our exhausting adventure:





It was a fun day out! Everyone seems to gasp in shock when I tell them I’ve never been to Covent Garden or Harrods before, so it’s a good thing I finally caught up in London life experience. Covent Garden was quaint and cute – the markets were lovely and unique and I found a beautiful shop called Sass & Belle which I am now OBSESSED with. Maybe I have  been living under a rock to have never discovered them before, but if you are eqaully as unknowing as I was go check them out!

I could have blown my whole student loan here, but I managed to restrain myself to getting this bear shaped blackboard, which was £7.50 minus a lovely little 10% student discount. Hope you appreciate my inspirational quote that I decided to write upon it #bearymotivational


From the markets, I got these stunning Swarovski crystal earrings for a fiver. Cheap and cheerful is the only way for me now when it comes to earrings, since I lost my precious Marc Jacobs pair on a night out.


From Forever 21, I went for this ruby red floaty top which didn’t break the bank at £9.

I was dying to buy a cuddly toy in Harrods but then I rememebered that I’m 18 and I need to get a life. However, luckily for me, Milad bought a Clinique perfume which got me the free gift they have on offer at the moment! He got himself the black aromatics scent (which is gorgeous btw) and in my make up case I got a facial scrub, moisturizer, make up remover, night cream, mascara and a chubby stick in a delicious pink shade called whoppin’ watermelon. I have tried and tested these products in the past and they go down a treat with me. I love the make up bag with bright coloured stripes on – it’s so summery and fresh! I think that all department stores selling Clinique have various offers for this goodie bag so check them out, as it’s a nice little selection of gifts – especially if you got them for free like I did…mwahah.


So there we have my little bank holiday adventures! Let me know where else I should be heading for in London – markets, cute boutiques, shopping malls – and if they are reasonably priced that will make me really happy. Share the shopping love. Hope you enjoyed this post, and please accept my apology for the delay in posting – life is getting really busy at East 15 and I have been swamped with lines to learn, songs to sing and all that jazz. Anyway, thanks for reading, take care and keep the comments and opinions coming! X

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Keep it Surreal

Happy Saturday my friends! This weekend is very special to me because I am back at home from drama school for a little visit. It’s lovely to be back…making up for lost time with the family and of course, Barney!


I’ve been losing faith in mainstream fashion lately. Do you ever go out and just wanna scream because people seem to all be wearing the same thing in ridiculously tiny variations? The stores have been going through a phase of lacking choice and individuality, in my opinion. However, I think high street fashion has finally had a breakthrough! Or maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong places. But I am finally finding some gorgeous cute petite summery stuff that keeps my wardrobe nice and surreal. #keepitsurreal

  Look 1: Historic meets chic

Top: M&S Limited Edition, £7.75

I teamed this with a plain top underneath and some high waisted shorts, all from Primark.

img_5398  Look 2: Playful Pinafore & Kitty Flower Ears

Floral Cat ears: Accessorize, £8 (minus student discount)

The pinafore, blouse, sunglasses, bag and ballet flats are all Primark old season stuff. I’m a big Primark fan!

Look 3: Summer Sporty

Top: Zara, £4.99

Sunglasses: Accessorize, £12 (minus student discount)

Shorts are ALSO from Primark, bought a while back but may still be available.

My taste in style is so girly, but kind of borders onto fantasy fashion too – although I always share what I feel is wearable everyday. I got a few compliments for the cat ears, and yes they are a little bit quirky but that is what makes them fun! People walk round wearing floppy sunhats and big earrings so my flowery cat ears are perfectly acceptable in my opinion. Not that I really care what others think anyway. Fashion is freedom, and we should never forget that!

On that note, I bid you goodbye. Thanks for reading x