The Cosmetic Kit

Happy September everyone! Now is the perfect time to capture your summer shine whilst we slowly kiss the sunshine goodbye. Last month I took a little trip to the beatiful island of Jersey, where make up shopping is a dream. The department stores over there offer all the high end cosmetics with a tax free price tag! Needless to say I took advanatage of this, and purchased a Bobbi Brown powder compact, which I will fill you in on.

First thing’s first though, let me walk you through my fail-proof base essentials. I usually bang on about how obsessed I am with Bare Minerals powder foundation, but it is also nice to have another option. This is where my favourite high street brand comes in – Revelon. Allow me to introduce you to the colourstay foundation and her little sister, photoready concealer. Along with these, we have the fantastic rose glow shimmer palette.

I’ve always loved Revelon because it gives you a sense of luxury with an affordable price tag. The quality is really good and I find that their shades and colour palettes are always accomadating to those of us with a paler complexion. The photoready concealer comes in a stick and blends easily to cover up blemishes and under eye circles in a flash. I opt for shade 002, which perfectly compliments their foundation. Revelon Colourstay works wonders for me when applied with a sponge. It is targeted for dry skin, so it keeps my face well hydrated throughout the day. It also protects your skin from the damage of the deadly sun rays, with an SPF of 15 – winner! This makes for a flawless base which will survive day and night. Jn terms of its finish, I find that it gives a subtle, radiant glow. This is perfect for me because on oily days I can matte it out with pressed powder (right) or I can enhance the dewy finish by mixing it with some coconut oil and dusting with my Bobbi Brown nude powder. (Left)

The rose glow jumped out and yelled buy me off its shelf in Boots because it looks just like a replicate of Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick.  Cheeky!

imageNevertheless, I have been after one of these for ages, and when funds are getting a little low, I see no reason why not to give it a try! I like the pinky blend this gives you on your brush, and it is easy to sweep over your cheeks to give a girly flush and a sparkly highlight to your bone structure.

Now let me enlighten you with the real Bobbi Brown compact I splashed out on in Jersey! I had a great time exploring the capital St Helier – I couldn’t resist stopping off at the BB counter and getting a make over before hitting the beach. This was where I fell in love with this beautiful illumination powder.

There are many shades available, but I went for the nude finish to seal the shine in my skin. By gently rolling your brush over all of the blocks, you get a combination of each shade to blend into your base using circular motions. It definitely adds a pretty, youthful glow and was just the thing my make up bag was missing! A perfect purchase to bring back from my little adventure in Jersey. Go ahead and enjoy a groovy moment from my snapchat story.


No make up kit would be complete without a liquid eyeliner, and I always opt for the pen type. I formerly owned the Soap and Glory Cat Eyes, but whilst I was in Covent garden I decided it was time for an upgrade. I went for the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick pen.

The precision you get with this pen is AMAZING. As expected, it takes about 5 seconds to dry before you can release your eyelid but once applied and dried, you are good to go! It stays on pretty well and the thin tip means you have complete control over the thickness and shape of your flick. Great for a daytime natural liner look or marvellous for building up into a dramatic evening look.

So, what does it come down to?


I have decided to give my readers a hardcore insight to these featured products by rating them out of 5. I will also list where to buy from and how much each one costs.


Durability: 4/5

Colour match: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Buy for £12.99 from Boots  here.


Durability: 4/5

Colour match: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Buy for £6.99 from Boots here


Easy to use: 4/5

Contour effective: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5

Buy for £9.99 from Boots here.


Durability: 5/5

Glow effective: 5/5

Value for money: 4 and a half/5

Buy for £39 from Debenhams here.


Durability: 4/5

Precision: 5/5

Value for money: 4 and a half/5

Buy for £22 in Panther Black here.


And that’s a wrap for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope my reviews have been helpful. Let me know what you think of my post by liking, commenting and following. Have a beauty filled week. X


My All Time Essentials

Hello there! I hope everyone has had a great week! I’ve been back at it with the drama school life this week, plus 6am gym sessions every it’s been a very busy one for me. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite items that keep me feeling fresh when life starts getting hectic! I love finding stuff you use everyday but never stop loving, and these things all contribute a lot to my everyday fashion statements.

Soap & Glory Collection:


Doesn’t test on animals √

Smells amazing 

Makes my room display look pretty 

Soap & Glory products are an all time winner! Luckily, lots of relatives and friends know S&G gift  sets never fail, so I have quite a good stash. These are the only body products in my opinion that you can actually still smell hours after they have been applied. My bedsheets and clothes even smell of the yummy scent, and when people go in for a hug they often compliment the smell. There’s nothing quite like being told you smell nice! Everything does the job – body butters keep my skin smooth, exfoliators scrub away dead skin, foot cream makes for the perfect pedicure, ect. S&G is the shit.

Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette:


I use this pallette literally everyday. It brings prettiness and wearable glamour into neutral based colours. For my green eyes, the golden and peachy tones really sets my eyes alight; but I think any colour eyes would thank you for using this assortment. It goes from daytime to nighttime real quick, with sparkly and darker option for a sexy smoky look. Mine also came with a little mascara and tutorial for eye shapes which was handy. Although it costs a hefty sum at £38, I have definitely got my money’s worth with this treasure. Smashbox currently have an offer of £5 at the moment too, which you can check out on the product listing here-

Lipstick Loves :

Laura Mercier Pink Royale Lip Velvet is my favourite option for a quick red lip. The ruby shade is warm and compliments my complexion, and I love the texture of this high end gloss. Red lips are so much fun to spice up a casual outfit, and this gloss helps me make it look effortless.

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick in Roserie is the one lipstick I am obsessed with! I have already gone through 2 of these because they are so cheap, I feel no guilt wearing it all the time! I love a pale lip, and this shade is where lilac meets rose pink. I love to team it with a dusting of bronzer and gold eyelids for a sunkissed, girly, glowing look.

Benefit Ultra Plush Ligloss in Kiss You is also perfect for lilacy lips. Whilst Seventeen’s lipstick gives more of a balm appearance texture and appearance, this is a smooth lipgloss. I love them both, and get so much use out of them.

My Favourite Brown Jacket!


I adore this H&M jacket. It has lasted me years and years, and I only paid about £25 for it. This style has never gone out of fashion and I don’t think it ever will! Plus brown goes with pretty much everything to it’s easy to slip on over all my outfits. This is my one true investment if ever there was one.

Bare Minerals Compact Power Foundation


I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals. I  remember how shocked I was when the counter assistant applied it to my face – it covered all my acne but felt so lightweight! My skin has healed remarkably since converting to this foundation, and I never get the struggle of de-oxygenating foundation making my face look orange. Although I go for a heavier liquid foundation for night time looks, Bare Minerals is perfect for my day to day lifestyle. Weight training, dance class, yoga and drama school are no match for this product! I can get as sweaty as I like without having to worry about ruining my skin or my flawless finish.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium


This perfume is DELICIOUS. Sexy, sophisticated and sweet all at once. I just want to inhale the whole bottle. Definitely my favourite perfume at this moment.

And there we have it – my go to items for easy, effortless, everyday glamour! I am so grateful that they all exist. Have you tried any of these? What are your go-to products? Comment below!

Thanks for reading everyone! ♥♥

Spring Carnival Fashion

Spring has sprung! (Or so they say.) Yesterday treated me to a fabulous shopping trip to one of my favourite places in the world, Liverpool! Not only does it boast a huge selection of shops – from Armani to Primani – I just love the city for its people. Scousers are the warmest, friendliest people in the country and I could listen to the accent all day long. 


Anyway, my purchases yesterday geared towards a spring carnival theme which I was inspired from the Forever 21 label. Pastel ice cream sundae colours with a hint of retro gives this look so much personality. Think the ‘We go Together’ scene off Grease; that is the kind of free spirit fun that springs to mind when I envision this style, but with a fresh update for 2016.

Grease is the word!


So my main intention was to buy some of these shoes, and after shopping around in every shoe shop I actually found that Primark’s version were the most comfortable, prettiest style and cheapest price, coming in at a winning £8. #straightinmybasket

The anklet is probably one of my favourite finds, actually. It is so pretty and delicate and I love ankle jewellery, they are a clear sign of sunshine and outdoor fun. This one is particularly pretty –  I feel like a fairy that’s escaped from the enchanted forest! They came in a couple of other colours, red and white I believe, and cost me just £1.99 from a lovely little shop in Clayton Square I’ve never been in before called Quarters. Also from here I got some cute pearl earrings for 99p, which add that retro elegance to the look I’m going for this season.

Next up, my beauty buys! I replaced my Bare Mineral foundation compact which I will discuss in my next post, but my Spring Carnival purchases were a Barry M nail varnish in a delicious matte pink shade ‘Kiss Me Quick’, costing me £3.99 from Boots. From Superdrug, a Revolution purple lipstick caught my eye and when I saw it was only £1, the deal was sealed. I love lilac shades of lipgloss, so I thought it was time to stir things up a bit and try and this ‘scanalous shade’ – that’s actually what is said on the lippy itself, haha. I tried it on straight away and turns out, I think I get away with it! It makes my green eyes look brighter and whilst it is a little extreme for perhaps, a meal out with the family, I felt super edgy and hip walking through Liverpool with it.

My fashion buys were both from Forever 21, aka paradise.

Fun fact: My boyfriend calls it Forever 12 since the time I was asked for ID to watch a 12 at the cinema. To be fair, I had to give him credit for it, it’s pretty funny.

The pink knitted top came in at £13 and the dress £16, but I had to have them both. The sleeveless sweater looks yummy with denim shorts or leggings, which I pretty much live in. And the dress is a beautiful blue colour that is called ‘sea foam’ on the label. So I’m now going to call it my sea foam dress. The adjustable straps at the back mean I can change the length which adjusts how low it comes down at the front, giving me a number of different ways to adapt the form.

And finally, I got a pretty new bra from a brilliant sale in Ann Summers, £6 down from £28. I would definitely suggest you get yourself down there if you need new underwear – the sale is amazing! I topped it off with some cute socks-not-really-socks from Primark for £2.50.

One thing I regret not buying is this adorable little pom pom headband from Topshop. It seemed overpriced at £8.50, so I’m hoping it may come down in the sale one day.


And this brings us to the end of the Liverpool haul! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and maybe even been inspired to try elements of this style out yourself.

Thank you so much for visiting my page today, I am loving the blogging life and every response I get makes me so happy! Keep it coming!

Jess x

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani: Harajuku Eyes



I LOVE THIS PALLETE! I featured it in my Little Pick Me Ups post, and received a suggestion to do a look with it. So here we go, I decided to try out the gorgeous Harajuku shade of sparkling pink alongside the wonderful Pop colour. Enjoy !

My base is ‘Blonde’ which I applied to the whole eyelid to provide a neutral background for the brighter colours. I then added a little ‘Bathwater’ along my lower lid. My main lid colour was ‘Harajuku’ (as it says on the tin.) Having never used this shade before, I was amazed how pigmented the shadow was – mind you, all Urban Decay is in my opinion. I highlighted just under my brow with ‘Pop’ to give the finishing definition. I think pink works on all eye colours, which is funny because you hardly see anyone wearing pink on their eyes these days. My mum used to say it looked like you had sore eyelids if you wore pink, which I strongly disagree with. We need to bring it back!

I then lined the outer edge of my lash line with Soap and Glory’s Supercat black liner, and added a very slight wing for a bit of drama. To finish, I curled and coated my lashes with Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara. I took time on my lower lashes today, to really capture the girly pow of this look.

My lips are left relatively plain but pretty with a slick of Urban Decay’s Naked Lipgloss. All done!

I love how this pallette adds easy glamour to everyday make up, but can also see you through to evening looks too.It is a winning combination of matte and sparkly / neutral and bright. A big investment at £40, but not the sort of product you would regret splashing out on. Personally I think these colours really match my style; kind of eccentric, girly with a punch of sass.

Thanks for reading lovelies. Hope you enjoyed- keep the suggestions coming! Happy bank holiday. x


Brownie Beauty

Today = Easter day = lots of chocolate = the colour brown = my make up look today!

I normally play it safe with make up, but today I decided to change it up a little. Laura Mercier’s beauty guide inspired me to mess around with brownie colours to try and make my green eyes stand out.

Base: I went for my usual Smashbox primer, No7 concealer and Bare Minerals powder foundation (which is very kind to my skin.)

Brows: I always fill in my brows, and Urban Decay’s brow sugar brow pallet is part of my everyday routine. I think it adds a youthful playfulness which is key to my look.

Cheeks: I love Clarins’ blush and bronzer duo, which gives me a quick and easy healthy glow. (Bronzing duo, Mineral Powder Compact 02 medium.)

Eyes: Today I used my Smashbox mini eye trio for the first time, and I love it! The creamy colour (vanilla) acted as my base, smoothed all across my lid up to the brow. I then applied the light brown/caramel colour (sable) to my lower lid, and enhanced finally with the dark brown (sumatra)which I swept across my lash line as you would with an eyeliner. I then curled my lashes and added my favourite Dior black mascara.

Lips: Today it was time to try out my recent purchase – the coco lipstick! I love the golden undertones to this shade. (Elizabeth Arden, Perfect Bare 09)


I would definitely give this book a read! It inspired me to play around with my make up with the emphasis on playing up on natural features. It is full of great tips and beautiful images of iconic make up looks. Well worth a read and a lovely addition to add to the shelf.

image1 (7).JPG

Let me know what you think of my make up look. What are your favourite products I should try out?

Thanks so much for reading  x x

Designer Outlet Bargains


Today entailed a little trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet with my Mum and Sister! I described it as what I imagine to be a ‘mini NYC’ – not based on the discounted price tags, but because of how many big fashion brands and crowds of angry shoppers we were surrounded by!

**note- angry shoppers: a term I use to describe people who behave in an aggressive manner towards others when browsing and purchasing goods in shops. Anyone who uses their elbows, pushes through the stores and looks generally pissed off about the presence of other human beings.

First up was the Lindt shop – which was crazy busy with it being Easter Saturday! All the underprepared people, my Mum included, were panic buying Easter gifts for family. It was really cute to see all the Lindt bunny stuffed toys and rabbit ears lined up, and the pick and mix was out of this world! Truffles in all sorts of mouth watering flavours, some I never even knew existed. We bought a little selection to try and I couldn’t resist the adorable chocolate kittens, to me from me.

There were many stores we browsed including Calvin Klein, the UGG shop, Nike, Ralph Lauren and so many more. I splashed out on a pair of Jack Wills black sweatpants because sweatpants are a girl’s best friend, and black is always a good shout for drama school. Such a good investment because I only paid £26 for them, saving myself £13.50. They are nice and fitted – I never do baggy, because it doesn’t do my lower body’s curves any favours.

I also bought a coco coloured lipstick called ‘Perfect Bare’ by Elizabeth Arden for only £5.99 as well as a foundation compact with over 60% off. I’ve been looking for a brown lippy for ages and this one really fits the bill, from such a lovely brand too!

My sister Sophia was searching for a school bag, and I convinced her to step into the overcrowded world of Ted Baker – it was worth it, because despite the lack of oxygen in the shop, she found herself a lovely shoulder bag which will fit her files in snugly, for a fair price of £26.

Unfortunately, the trip came to a very British ending with us getting caught in torrential rain with no umbrella or waterproof coat. We ended up looking like drowned rats as we left for home. I’ve not included pictures of this for your own sake .

But anyway, a lovely place to visit if you happen to live in the North West, as long as you can find a way of coping with those pesky old angry shoppers! Happy Easter everyone, I hope the Easter bunny brings you many eggs of the chocolate variety x

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Little Pick me ups


Stripy Shirt: I love how stripes are a thing now! I feel good in this, here I’ve teamed it with a high waisted skirt. Miss Selfridge is amazing for student discount too! It’s a win win.

Eye Shadow pallet: I was lucky enough to receive this for Valentines day, and would defintely recommend these colours for any eye colours. I’m a huge fan of all the naked pallets, and Gwen Stefani’s take on cosmetics has really stepped things up at my dressing table.

Earrings: I adore these cute earrings!  I ordered them from Selfridges.

Blossom top: this was one of them lucky sale finds where you see a £10 price tag, take it to the till and it comes up as £3. Quite possibly the best feeling ever. What’s more is that I got a 60p student discount (on top of that amazing sale price, YES, really!) and got this lovely little number down to £2.40. Bargain!