Barbie goes Petite

Yes, that’s right, they have released a petite sized collection of Barbie dolls to represent the little ladies of the population! Having been a huge Barbie fan when I was younger, this struck me as amazing news. Finally, a way of teaching the younger generation to appreciate the variety of the human form! And I love the idea that you can now match yourself to your Barbie mini me…or your mum’s, or your friend’s or your sister’s! I found mine…






Her fellow petite squad include these lovely dollies, each fashionably dressed to their size and accessorised impeccably:


Mattel released a number of variations to the classic Barbie doll earlier this year, including tall, curvy and black Barbie. I think this is a wonderful step forward and helps children to begin the journey of embracing diversity from a young age. Let’s hope that other companies pick up on this, so that the younger generation can live in a world where all bodies are appreciated and we are encouraged to love ourselves.

This is definitely a win in the petite fashion world. I shall be taking fashion tips off these trendy ladies for sure!