Autumn Days


It’s most wonderful time of the year…… or is that Christmas? You decide. But I know a few things that are definitely wonderful this season! Pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks, cosy knits and cardigans, smart trench coats, lovely layers and crunching leaves under your boots as you walk down the street. And did I mention halloween?! Carving pumpkins and dressing up to go to wild parties with your pals, yes please.  Autumn sees all my favourite trends creeping back in – brown, orange, earthy green, spicy copper and cinnamon hues with flashes of leopard print here and a splash of tartan there. Doesn’t it make your heart sing?


A little glimpse of my delicious pumpkin loaf cake, gluten free might I add…


One of my favourite things about colder weather is the excuse it gives you have soak in a hot bath a couple of times a week. And what better way to relax and unwind than Lush’s autumn themed bath bombs?!


My top picks include the pumpkin, sparkly pumpkin and autumn leaf. Get yours here.

img_0075img_0074Fall also marks a very important era for those of us at uni – FRESHERS! ~I shall be writing a blog post about my outfit choices very shortly so keep your eyes peeled ~ it’s vital that you relax and unwind during the week so that you have enough steam to party all night every night!!

I can’t wait for the beautiful fashions of this season to emerge – summer has been lovely, but it’s now time for the October vibes. I will keep you guys updated with my outfits and beauty tricks for the upcoming season, so stay tuned!

Jess. X

Get Cosy

Term 2 of drama school was so intense I almost forgot what it felt like to chill out! Coming home after a long train journey and running a bath, putting my slippers on and curling up to a good book certainly helped me to unwind though.

UGG slippers are the best creation ever! I love these leopard print clog slippers for lounging around the house in. They also come in a more summery style, check them out:


Next up, we have the Balance Me Face Mask. It claims to polish, hydrate and smooth and contains Kaolin clay, walnut shells and fruit acids. It smells divine, and  unlike many face masks, doesn’t feel harsh on my sensitive skin because of all the natural sources of the ingredients. I must admit, my face has a natural healthy glow after using it a couple of times this week! I managed to get this free with an issue of Glamour magazine, which often has great gifts well worth the £2 you pay for the magazine.


I used to be such a bookworm, but the stress of English A Level really put me off reading for a while. However, this gripping thriller has rekindled me with my love of books. I read Behind Closed Doors in less than 24 hours; I literally couldn’t put it down. The story is about a supposedly perfect married couple who have a dark secret behind their deceiving appearances. B A Paris is a marvelous author, with the flipping in the story from past to present always being clear and never once throwing me off. The action gets going so quickly, as did my engagement with the characters, and so I just had to find out what happened pretty much all in one sitting. A M A Z I N G.


And finally, we have these cute little mugs from the Disney store. I love kitchen wear with character – who needs boring white mugs when these beauties exist? And they come with adorable little matching spoons. You can pick your favourite Disney characters and happily sip your hot water and lemon* from them or whatever it is you like to drink. How very cosy.


*hot water and lemon is the best drink of all time, it is so good for you! It energizes you naturally, cleanses the digestive system, refreshes you mouth and gives your skin a healthy appearance. Try replacing one brew a day with it!

The perfect ingredients for a peaceful, cosy weekend in! And lots of cuddling the dog. Heaven! Thanks for reading, you beautiful people. x